As an avid software engineer I can’t help but share useful bits of information.  So many others have published insightful documentation, hints, tips and techniques, it only seems fair to share discoveries I’ve made along the way.

Having been in the business since the 80’s I’ve worked on so many platforms using so many languages, I have developed a sixth sense about what clean code and correct approach.  Not many engineers have had the luxury of developing multiple software products from ground zero AND had to live with them in production.  There are  many forks in the road and I’ve been stabbed by most of them.

The intent with these pages is not to replicate the creative work from others, but to distill bits of my best practices that you can use directly.  Each article is a stand-alone work you can easily try.  If I can stimulate you to try new things, think out of the box, and enjoy your craft more – my job is complete.